True Nature aims to bring you the authentic and highest quality yoga from the world’s most prominent and passionate teachers. We hope everyone regardless of age and sex experiences the invaluable teachings offered by our instructors.

True Nature offers the true experience of world-class yoga which is difficult to find in Japan, with our supervisor Cyndi Lee, and a host of many highly-praised & beloved International yoga instructors as headliners.

True Nature will also feature talented non-Japanese instructors currently residing in Japan, and many younger up-and-coming teachers to introduce an International collaboration of yoga with a truly global perspective.



What True Nature really wants is more than just “Outdoor yoga in the town”

You can enjoy yoga in stylish outdoor tents in the beautiful forest, feeling wide blue skies, the radiant sun, breeze, the aurora of fresh trees, the sound of naturally flowing water, amidst the scent of naturally green grass.

In our indoor yoga classes, you can enhance concentration in blissful silence with picturesque views directly from the window.

After experience yoga at True Nature, you would have a lasting impression and desire in returning to the relaxation of outdoor yoga